At Flash Excavations, we are committed to offering superior Concrete Preparation Services Auckland. We believe that concrete preparation is the first and most important thing to achieve success.

We prepare:

  • Right of ways
  • Vehicle crossings
  • Driveways
  • Footpaths
  • Pouring of concrete or the laying of bitumen

It is essential to get the process right, if you want to achieve high quality floor of any kind. Improper surface preparation could be the worst thing ever for your flooring application.

If you deal with Flash Excavations, we will prepare concrete to standard, achieving the results you need.

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We are experienced and trained in providing custom Concrete Preparation Services including:

  • Concrete grinding, which is an efficient solution to prepare a concrete surface.
  • Safe concrete cutting to ensure clean control join.
  • Concrete levelling, using self-levelling cement technology to ensure a superior, long lasting finish.

We are here to rely on for your Concrete Preparation Services. You will have a dry, clean surface ready for application. Trust us and we will accomplish the whole process at a fair price. We are proud of our skilled and knowledgeable specialists who have an eye for detail.

Call FLASH today and we guarantee to provide the proper base for a durable and stunning finish.

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Looking for a quality concrete preparation for your next project?