Civil Works:

Thanks to our civil works services, you can be sure that the planning and designing of your infrastructure will be in safe hands. We are one of the leading civil construction companies in the region.

Flash Excavations will handle all the planning and project management in the most efficient time possible time. You can trust that your project will run smoothly. The specialists of our team deliver Civil Works Services Auckland on time and always on your budget.

Get in touch with FLASH and our specialised team will be there to make the whole process as smooth as possible.

Roading Contractors:

We also have experienced Roading Contractors, who are skilled and can deliver exceptional results. We have extensive knowledge on roading, driveways, and car parks, offer suitable solutions.

Subdivision Civil Services:

With our diverse skill set, we can work on all stages of a subdivision. Beginning with a paddock through to the land being ready for sale.

Our Subdivisions Services include:

  • Preparing utility and power trenches
  • Curving the land for roading
  • Driveway preparation
  • Underground services such as drainage and utility such as power, water, and telecom
  • Footpath preparation and more

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Flash Excavations provides you with peace of mind, because we will take care of all the details for you. We strive to develop our service to meet the ever changing needs of the market. We work on both commercial and residential developments on projects of any size.

Our fleet of machinery and vehicles is modern and regularly maintained to meet safety standards. We always work collaboratively with our clients and deliver excellent results.

Give our team a call today and you will notice the difference when working with reliable, flexible, skilled and true professionals!

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Looking for a quality building a subdivision for your next project?